Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good things come in pairs

In case you're interested, I had an ultrasound today and we are having a boy! I think it's pretty cool that booga bear and the new baby will each have a just seems good for boys to have brothers. My husband pointed out that it should be interesting to watch them interact since neither of us grew up with a same-sex sibling, and I think he's right. So, now we get to decide if we still like any of the leftover names that we didn't end up naming booga bear with...


Ryan said...

Yay for a boy!

It's funny -- neither Andrea nor I had an opposite-sex sibling. And now we have a boy and a girl.

Melanie B said...

Congratulations again.

I agree it is good for boys to have brothers. I'm rather happy we're having a second girl for the same reason: it will be so nice for Isabella to have a sister.

I'm lucky enough to have a sister (4 years younger than I am) as well as 2 brothers. My sister and I didn't always get along so well when we were younger, too much age difference; but now she's my best friend.

I see a similar closeness between our younger brothers. They were best friends growing up and still love spending time with one another. How lucky your sons will be to have each other.

Jennifer F. said...


My husband and I are both only children so the whole concept of having siblings at all is so foreign to us. :)

Andrea said...

Hey -

Ryan stole my comment!

Congrats on it being a boy (though I would have said the same if it was a girl;-)

Noy said...

Congratulations! My sister and I are 20 months apart in age and we're very close. I'm happy to hear Booga Bear will have a little brother ... plus you'll get to re-use all your boy stuff!