Sunday, March 16, 2008

Had trouble praying for an hour?

I have. I usually ended up with 25 minutes of solid praying and 35 minutes of mind wandering interspersed with little flits of prayer. That's why I'm glad I came across this nice little book last year at a Bible study I went to. I'm usually skeptical of Christian devotion type books, but this book (actually more of a pamphlet) won me over quickly. It breaks down an hour of prayer into twelve 5-minute segments and makes praying for an hour a refreshing plausibility. Most segments contain a prayer the author has written, but it's easy to come up with your own once you are familiar with the 12 topics. It's a nice balance of structured prayer and prayer that gets at what is going on in your heart any given day, and it's geared towards both Protestants and Catholics. The best part? When I posted this, the low man on amazon was selling for $.94. C'mon, ninety four cents!

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