Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday is trash day

I think I might have crushed a dream today. My three year old and I were outside today when the recycling truck came down the alley. He begged me to stop doing yard work so we could watch the truck. When it pulled up to our curb, the driver motioned us over so we could watch the recycling get compacted into the truck. We did, and it was loud. I heard a bit of a whimper and looked to see my boy (who regularly runs around happily saying 'Tuesday is trash day!' and who, at the first distant rumble of a garbage truck, drops anything in order to get to a window as fast as possible) frowning deeply. His lower lip quivered, "I want to go inside!" and when we did, these words: " I do NOT like garbage trucks!"

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Melanie B said...

Aw. I can so very much sympathize. My three year old gets very excited when the trash truck pulls up and runs to the window. She's also very sensitive to noise. She's the one who runs and hides when I turn on the vacuum. So I can imagine those two impulses imploding like that. I hope he gets over it and remembers his excitement about the garbage truck from a distance.