Friday, September 28, 2007

I have a need to run.

This week has reminded me that I feel crappy unless I get exercise almost every day- I had some oral surgery on Monday, and I’ve been stuck to the couch ever since. I was pretty happy watching TV and taking multiple naps a day, but by yesterday I felt terrible. Sometime around 2:00 I was in the middle of deciding the world is a miserable place, but then I remembered “Wait. Of course I feel awful. I haven’t gotten a drop of exercise all week.”

So I forced myself to take a walk with little blondie, a very slow walk, and this morning I went for a long run.

Especially now, living in a new place where I don’t have friends or activities to go to yet, running provides some much-needed structure to my day. More than just doing something good for my body, pushing myself hard is an accomplishment that makes me feel like I’ve done something that day. (Besides the unending job of keeping little blondie happy and healthy, which I think is pretty important)


Sarah said...

Hi elissa,

Ben went out on a run this morning as well... thank goodness the weather's a little cooler. Anyway, I hope your surgery went well and that you'll soon be feeling much better.

Bree said...

hey there elissa -- cool that you have a blog now -- it will be fun to hear about your life. . .


Kate said...

I've just started perusing your blog and all I can say is I wish we lived closer so we could jog together. Keep writing, running, mothering, and loving God!

Kate Wicker