Saturday, September 29, 2007

Since I became Catholic nearly a year ago,

I’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of information I have to learn. As I wasn’t raised Catholic, I haven’t had years to digest the faith as it came at me in stages. But now, there is so much to keep track of! Saints I don’t know anything about, differences between mortal & venial sins, books of the Bible I haven’t read, strange words like scapular and remonstrance, different forms of prayer. I feel like I could study and live out the rest of my life and make hardly a dent. This has felt like a burden to me, but I recently realized that it is anything but a burden.

A long time ago, I started calling times when God gave me more than seemed possible as my ‘water from the rock’, referring to when Moses struck the rock in the desert and water gushed out for the grumbling Israelites to drink (the story found is in Numbers 20:1-13) That’s what Catholicism is to me now, my water from the rock. There is more to Jesus than I thought, there are more ways to be faithful, there is more to this story of Christianity. How can this richness be a burden? My ignorance demonstrates the absolute boundlessness of Christ, a mystery that one could only spend a lifetime pondering.

I wish I could capture in words how BIG! God is, but there's no way I can do Him justice, so I'll have to leave my description at boundless, absolutely boundless.


Tammy said...

Thanks for telling me about your blog, Elissa. Cool! It's good to hear about you. I'll have to keep reading.

I also didn't know that you had become Catholic. That sounds like an exciting process...sometime I'll have to hear more.

Have a great week, friend!

Angela said...

I can see you taking all this in. Bless you in this new journey. Angela