Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ode to raindrops

I’m happy right now because... it’s raining. The following will tell you something about my personality: out of all the clothes I own, my favorite is my Columbia rain suit. We’re talking the 100% PVC jacket and pants like little kids wear…the washing instructions are ”wipe clean with a damp cloth”, but let me tell you, it represents the best $40 I ever spent on clothing. Why? Because it makes it possible to be outside in the rain and enjoy being there. Which I do, tremendously. If I didn't have booga bear to take care of right now, I’d go for a walk in the woods wearing my rain suit. The woods are at their best in the rain, when the leaves and rocks are shiny and I can run my fingers through cold, wet plants as I walk. Green is pretty, but dripping green is beautiful.

It’s October, and here in North Carolina, we’re still wearing shorts. I hate wearing shorts in October! It’s been summer for 6 months and I am ready for a change of seasons. I think non-summer weather fulfills my need for drama, for something real. Perhaps this is because I myself am quite even-tempered; I get mad, but I don’t rage. I laugh, but I’m not heard across the room. At any rate, I get bored with ‘moderate climates’- they’re pretty much the same from season to season. There’s the season where it’s pleasant outside, then it turns hot and sometimes really way too hot, then it goes back to being pleasant again. There’s some rain, you can find some freezing temperatures if you get out of bed before sunrise, but that’s about it. No drama.

As I write this, booga bear has been standing happily on a box looking out the open window at the rain, so maybe I will have some company in my love for non-sunny weather. I’m definitely going to have to get him his own 100% PVC rain suit sometime soon, so we are not stuck inside when beautiful things like rain are happening outside.

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