Monday, November 26, 2007

8 silly & endearing habits of Booga-bear:

1. He Lines up sippy cups on the microwave cart. I once found an entire row of who knows how old juice cups hidden behind the cereal boxes.

2. He goes to sleep in his crib hugging a book--he arranges a book next to his head and puts his hand on it before falling asleep.

3. He takes almost any snack I give him to either the front or back door, where he sits down on the doormat and eats the snack.

4. One of his new favorite things to do is to drag the broom and carry the dustpan around the house.

5. He brings me a box of cereal whenever he is hungry.

6. He always runs around the house laughing after his bath, wearing nothing except his hooded towel.

7. When I turn on the microwave, he tries to get behind the microwave cart to see the light that comes through the slits on the back of the microwave.

8. He likes to sleep with the bus schedule (it has a picture of a bus on it).


CresceNet said...
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Florida reader said...

Thank you for giving us a more complete picture of "booga bear". I hope you write these things down where you can keep them forever and ever. Children grow up so fast and it's hard years later to remember just what they did that was so charming and so "them". Later on you can look back and see that those early characteristics were pointing to the person they would become later in life.