Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye baby

We've had a small victory over here: booga bear has given up his pacifier. (Because we took it away, naturally.) We've always tried to restrict its use to the crib, but over the last month or so, he seemed to be getting quite attached to it. I'd look up, and he'd be toddling towards me with his pacifier in his mouth. Apparently, he'd learned to reach into his crib and grab it between the bars.

I've been putting off taking away the paci because I was a little afraid of how he would react, and because it seems like one of those milestones that puts a child well past babyhood. Anytime you see a kid sucking on a pacifier, it always makes them seem a little babyish. It's a bit sad to see booga bear so fully loosing his baby characteristics- how much longer will it feel appropriate to call him booga bear? I kind of wish he would stay little and cuddly forever, because even though it's fun to watch him change, I know someday I will miss the age he is now.

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