Saturday, January 26, 2008

28 reasons abortion insults women:

I often think of abortion as an insult to women and for a few months now I've wanted to stop and write down all the ways abortion disrespects women that I could think of-- here is my anything and everything list so far:

  1. It doesn't let a woman be a woman
  2. It treats a woman as though she would be better off as a man
  3. It tells a woman her ability to give life is conditionally valuable
  4. It demands a woman's sexual availability at all costs
  5. It denies women lasting love through relationships with their soon to be born child and, for unmarried women, their should-be husband
  6. It tells a woman she should want sex, but not expect commitment
  7. It promotes the misuse of women as sexual objects
  8. It leaves women alone and abandoned when they are obviously not solely responsible for a pregnancy
  9. It leaves women abandoned at a time when they most need support and compassion
  10. It tells a woman she should be sexy, or financially well-off, or well-rounded, or well-traveled, or successful, or unhindered, rather than be pregnant
  11. It insults the dignity of all persons: if you believe abortion should be available to all, then you must concede that it would have been perfectly fine-and perhaps even better- for your own mother to have chosen to kill you with an abortion
  12. The abortion industry refuses to tell the stories of women heartbroken over past abortions, thereby refusing to offer woman a so-called 'educated choice'
  13. The abortion industry refuses to tell a woman the potential catastrophic affects an abortion may have on her in the future
  14. The abortion industry closes women's eyes to outside assistance that is available for pregnant women
  15. The abortion industry mistreats women, as evidenced by the many, many women who walk away from an abortion feeling they were treated inhumanely by the staff
  16. It denies a woman objectivity; no woman makes the decision to have an abortion without feeling or receiving pressure from at least one of the following; family members, friends, coworkers, bosses, circumstances, the father of her child, or from societal expectations
  17. It treats unborn women--and men--as potential garbage
  18. It treats women as incapable of accepting hardship
  19. It treats women as incapable of thriving amidst hardship
  20. "My body, my choice" is a lie: a person distinct from its mother dies in an abortion
  21. It lies by saying death is often better than life
  22. It lies by saying death is better than hardship
  23. It lies by saying that well-being can come out of killing your unborn child
  24. It lies by calling evil good
  25. It ignores the all-too real consequences of sin in a woman's life
  26. It encourages women to give in to fear
  27. It refuses to encourage the honorable option, adoption
  28. It treats any mother's worst nightmare--living through the death of her child--as inconsequential


ryan m. said...

Wow, that's quite a list. Well done.

Jennifer F. said...

Really excellent. Just linked to it from my links blog.

DeeDee said...

Thank you for this. It is very thought-provoking. You made some very clear, concise points which could be very useful in discussion.

+JMJ+ said...


God bless you.

Courageous Grace said...

Thanks for this post, I agree with every point you made. Having given birth to my precious little boy (our first child!) two weeks ago, I cannot fathom how any mother could CHOOSE to kill her child (I also can't fathom how a mother could abuse her born child as well).

I especially agree with your points about matter what I went through with my pregnancy, I'd do it again in a heartbeat to have the end result...a precious new life that reciprocates an unconditional love.

eliz said...

You see abortion for what it is, which isn't always an easy thing, given the deceptions peddled nonstop by secular society. I admire your honesty.

My daughter was born in a country where abortion is not only legal (an available on demand) but also free. My daughter's birthmother did not want her, so the fact that she was indeed born is a miracle. I was once one of those wishy-washy pro-lifers who would never take a stand publicly, but now that I'm a mother to a child who was almost not here, I can't see abortion for anything other than what it is, murder.

jogger mom said...

A powerful testimony. Every human being changes the world just a little bit, and sometimes a great deal. I often wonder, how many people am I missing out on knowing and loving because they were aborted? It's so very tragic when the world decides that it is just better for certain innocent persons to die, and begrudges the miracle of life.