Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Officially headed toward Wacko-hood

I think I might be officially headed toward wacko-hood. In the eyes of the average American, the kind represented in polls, I will be: weird. Not the tattooed, what-shade-of-black-shall-I-wear-this-morning type, nor the gluten-free, I-only-water-my-native-yard-plants-with-recycled-water type, but weird of the worst kind: the ultra-conservative (Catholic) Christian. Yes, it's true. (note: I have nothing against tattoos or native yard plants)

If we end up with more than 4 children, to many of my fellow Catholics I'll be one of those archaic tad-over-the-top Catholics. They'll snicker "boy, they really milked those fertile years" (snicker, snicker). Protestants might wonder how a person who seemed to have a strong relationship with Jesus could get sucked into such flawed theology, and to the non-religious, oh boy. I'll be one of those closed-minded people whose idea of fun is to sit through boring, pointless ritual every Sunday, a person who sticks her nose where it doesn't belong while swaying in the imaginary gospel breeze outside an abortion clinic. I might start babbling about the blood of the lamb at any moment.

Oh, and did I mention that we're leaning towards home-schooling? So my progeny are going to be even worse than I. They won't just be ultra-conservative Catholic Christians, they'll be socially awkward ultra-conservative Catholic Christians. Yes!

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