Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He knows more than I think

Booga bear has started doing something really sweet. The other evening my husband, the boisterous one, decided that we should sing the Gloria together... this actually happens on a semi-regular basis. And you have to admit, it's kind of catchy and conducive to singing loudly. So we sat around singing, and booga bear kind of joined in. The funny part is that now, whenever he notices a cross or an icon he takes to be Jesus, he starts 'singing' loudly in his own toddler language. This morning he picked up a prayer card that has an image of Jesus on the front, and he carried it around the house singing. This afternoon, we passed an Episcopal church on our walk and he pointed and said 'Jesus' and started in on his singing.

I'm not sure how he has made these connections- the Gloria has the word Jesus in it, but it doesn't seem it would be entirely obvious to a toddler that the song is about Jesus. I think the cross on the roof caught his attention at the church, and since he has exposure to crucifixes, that makes a little more sense to me, but still...I'm impressed. I've often wondered when the spiritual training of a child really starts, but I guess it already has. Apparently the concept of Jesus is already beginning to soak in, which is a blessing.


Melanie B said...

That is sweet.

It is amazing how toddlers will absorb these things and make surprising leaps. On Sunday Bella started singing along with the cantor during the responsorial psalm in her own toddler language. She frequently walks around the house muttering: "Full of grace", "Mother of God", "blessed womb", and "hour death" as well as "Jesus Christ" and "Jesus on the Cross".

But sometimes kids also seem to have a knowledge of God that can't be explained by their parents influence. My sister's friend wasn't religious at all and was pretty sure she'd never talked about God to her twins and yet when they saw my sister's crucifix, they pointed to it and said "God".

jogger mom said...

I agree, I don't want to chalk up my son's developments solely to my husband and I. God works in the hearts of everyone, including toddlers!