Thursday, December 27, 2007

A clean toddler?

I've been noticing a funny habit of my little boy: he really likes to be clean. When he is eating something messy (which he mostly does with his fingers), he'll often hold out his hands to me once or twice during the meal because he wants them wiped clean. Today we went to the park and he fell down on the damp sand, and "complained" to me that it was on his hands. I was sitting on a bench about 10 feet away, and instead of pushing himself back to standing, he dragged his knees all the way through the sand to me and used my legs as a prop to pull himself up. All to avoid putting his hands back in the sand, at least in my thinking. Oh, and when he finally stood up and saw that the toes of his shoes were covered in sand, he pointed and whimpered. Just once, and then he went back to playing.

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Melanie B said...

That's interesting. I've been noticing the same thing with my daughter. It must be a stage they go through.

When she's eating and gets food on her hands she asks me to "wash, wash" her hands and sometimes will grab the washcloth or napkin and wipe her own hands. She also wipes the table when she spills her food.

She gets very upset when she falls down and gets snow on her hands. Sits there and whines until I pull her up and she needs me to brush them off. Hasn't figured out yet how to wipe them on her coat or pants. She's also been upset about snow on her boots or mittens.

She frequently asks for tissues so she can wipe her nose. She also uses them to wash her doll, the table, the floor, etc.