Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mysteries on Christmas

I heard a priest say something I'd never thought about the other day at Mass. He mentioned the parallel between the mysteries of God becoming flesh as baby Jesus, and God becoming flesh in the Eucharist. Both are just that; mysteries. If you've ever pondered how Jesus could possibly be both completely human and completely God, then you understand that it's a mystery. And if you've ever stared at a blessed host and wondered how exactly it has become the flesh of Christ when it appears to be just flour and whatever else those things are made of, then you understand that mystery.

I just thought the priest made a nice point, and one I will probably think about in the years to come, especially at Christmas. Like any great work of literature, God has inserted some nice parallels into His story that make it all the more enjoyable for us, as well as more easily navigable. And I for one, am appreciative.

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you joy in celebrating the mystery of Christ's birth today!


Prairie Princess said...

At our Christmas Eve mass, Father said something about the significance of the baby Jesus being laid in a feeding trough and how that related to him being the Bread of Life, and to the Eucharist. It's fascinating how it all ties together, isn't it?

jogger mom said...

Yet another parallel I hadn't thought of! It is fascinating, God has given us such a rich story of himself, and there is still a lot I'm sure I have missed.