Friday, December 7, 2007

Something awesome happened

Something awesome happened this week. My husband and I were at the abortion clinic praying, and a couple about to get an abortion changed their minds and left.

This happens with some regularity, but I hadn't seen it happen yet. What happened was that there was a Hispanic couple standing at the door with a translator, waiting to get inside. Entrance into the clinic is very controlled, so often people have to stand outside and wait, during which time one of the pro-life folks gets on the small PA system and starts talking to them. For the first time, my husband took the mic because he can speak Spanish, and he started talking to this couple and would not stop...they were outside for a really, really long time.

All praise and honor for their turnaround goes to God! But still, I am proud of my husband for not putting down the microphone, for not being ashamed of his limited Spanish. One less baby condemned to the trash heap! Please pray for this couple, and consider participating in the pro-life movement going on outside abortion clinics across the US, because it does make a difference.

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Marie :) said...

God is Good!!! Thank your hubby for continuing to speak!!! :)